2015 Nov 24th

Electric Fireplace

Game of Thrones be damned, it’s all too true—“Winter is Coming.” With the best—and chilliest—time of the year right around the corner, it’s only natural to want to find something that can warm the heart as well as the soul. There are few things more integral to a home in the Great White North than a great warm fireplace.

But say you’re getting by on a budget, and can’t quite afford the cost that comes with a traditional fireplace, bricks, chimney and all. No matter. This is the 21st century, after all, and there’s nothing wrong with updating a tradition or two every now and again, especially when it’s more cost efficient and allows for more flexibility from an interior design point of view. Hence the rise of the wall mounted fireplace, and the incredible demand for them in places like Toronto.

So, how can you go about picking the best wall mounted fireplace for you?

For starters, as with most any major purchase, you’re going to want to make a list of the things which matter most to you regarding the nature of the item. For example, as stated, one of the great advantages of a wall mounted fireplace allows is the portability and overall flexibility of design which a fireplace does not generally afford. A traditional fireplace forces you to plan your décor around it. By contrast, as you can mount and therefore display these fireplaces in a variety of places, a good wall mounted electric fireplace can be just the thing to bring a little more “warmth” into a room—in more ways than one.

What’s more, there’s just something a little sleeker and chicer about a smooth, clean and sharp design of mounted fireplaces, especially when compared with the more rustic—yet potentially sooty—brick and cement counterpart. In addition, we live in the age of minimalist décor and flat-screen TVs, both of which are perfectly exemplified in the design of many a wall mounted fireplace.

Some things to consider:

  • The depth, height, and width of the firebox, especially in relation to where you wish to mount it
  • Color, style, and finish
  • Whether it is vented or vent-free
  • The wattage of the bulbs and BTUs

An important aesthetic consideration has to do with whether you wish your wall mounted electric fireplace to appear freestanding a la a mounted flat-screen TV or else have a base which touches the ground; the latter can come across as more chic and cutting-edge, while the former can more easily approximate the look and feel of a “traditional” fireplace. A good artist or author will always ask themselves who their audience is when beginning a work, and the same goes for the best interior designers. They take the time to consider for what and whom a room is meant, and decorate accordingly. You’ll want to do the same. What kind of “vibe” do you want your wall mounted electric fireplace to give off? Sleek, minimalist or “designer” mounted fireplaces can be great for everything from bachelor pads to lounges. By contrast, a more traditional style is great if you want to evoke memories of home for the holidays. Either way, the best way to begin your search for a quality wall mounted fireplace in Toronto is to ask yourself what you really want, answer these questions, and then pick the one that makes you feel warm inside.